Programmatic... It's not that complicated!


Welcome to Digital AdLab’s Breakfast Seminar Roadshow. It is with great enthusiasm that we are unveiling our first annual Canadian Digital Programmatic Advertising Survey. Digital AdLab designed the survey to acquire comprehensive understanding of marketer’s use and understanding of this technology.

This first of its kind survey reveals perspective into the understanding of Programmatic Advertising amongst Marketers. Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge on how Programmatic Advertising works and how to apply it adequately with best practices and advice.

Launching in Vancouver, we will be visiting Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto as part of our cross-Canada roadshow. Join us at our free Breakfast Seminar to gain the knowledge you need to drive your business forward.


Who should attend:

• Senior Executive, Marketers, and Digital Professionals


• Continental Breakfast, Digital copy of the Programmatic survey, and Networking Opportunity

Learning Outcomes

  • Insightful data and statistics
  • Benefits and challenges of Programmatic
  • Best practices - strategies, audience, data, creative
  • Future of Programmatic - OOH, television, mail

"The bootcamp provided some key missing fundamentals related to digital media for me. I liked the deep dive into the entire system of digital media and the hands-on experience with the DoubleClick suite."

Past Bootcamp Participant

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