The Digital Advertising Fundamentals Program is an intensive 8 week course that delivers an in-class training curriculum designed to introduce and advance a participants understanding of the concepts, strategies, and technologies required to succeed in the field of digital display advertising.


Digital AdLab, in partnership with DoubleClick by Google, has developed the Digital Advertising Accelerator Bootcamp to provide an immersive training program for advertising professionals and marketers seeking to acquire, enhance, and advanced their digital knowledge and careers.


Designed to compliment the existing curriculum of College and University Advertising programs, the Digital AdLab For Education curriculum offers educational institutions access to the content and technology applications utilized on-the-job across advertising agencies, publishers, and technology companies.


Leverage the Digital AdLab to advance the digital knowledge and skillsets of your organization through a customized curriculum designed to meet the needs of your organization. Ranging from consultative education seminars to hands-on in-platform for front-line digital resources.