Programmatic Buying… It’s Not That Complicated

Programmatic Buying is all the rage right now. It has been and continues to be perceived as a threat and an opportunity by advertising professionals and marketers depending upon one’s comfort and grasp of the technology. Those within the industry, particularly advertising agencies and their trading desks or the multitude of vendors that deliver programmatic solutions and

Student Spotlight • Shara Khan

Showcasing Our ‘Certified Digital’ Graduates Current Position: Media Assistant at MEC for L’Oréal Why Digital AdLab? Digital AdLab had a compelling course curriculum that seemed to be in demand as I was going through the job hunting process. I knew this course would give me the competitive edge I needed to stand out from the

The Trump Effect

How digital advertisers are being extremely careful with their programmatic buys It has been 4 months since Donald Trump took office. Since then, our world has taken a pretty significant turn. Our news, almost daily, is now consumed with the actions, and more so the repercussions of Trump’s actions… this is the Trump Effect. So,

Student Spotlight • Thomas Swiadek

Showcasing Our ‘Certified Digital’ Graduates Current Position: Digital Media Specialist Why Digital AdLab: As a student, I recognized a differentiating factor was needed to position myself as the ideal candidate for employment upon graduation.  This course was an opportunity to develop the practical skills required for success in the industry’s fastest growing sector-digital. Would you have been as

Can We Trust Digital Advertising • Part 2

Transparency is misunderstood and masks the real issue with digital advertising! The topic of transparency in digital advertising, primarily driven by the growth in programmatic buying, is currently a hot one – it has been growing over the past 18 months as advertisers struggle to understand what it is they are getting for their investments. When the